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We represent clients in Driver License matters (citations, suspensions, license problems), and general traffic court representation (DUI, Speeding, Reckless Driving, etc.). Speeding Ticket. Please keep in mind that the policies and procedures regarding traffic court vary greatly from county to county, and we have a wealth of experience in handling traffic matters all over the state of Georgia. We represent clients who have been issued speeding tickets or speeding citations in several counties all over the state of Georgia, including but not limited to the following counties: Twiggs County, Laurens County, Candler County, Emanuel County, Toombs County, Tattnall County, Bleckley County, Butts County, Turner County, Dooly County, Tift County, Montgomery County, Effingham County, and Bulloch County.


If we represent you with regard to your speeding ticket or other traffic case, our objective will be avoiding points on your driving record. Please note that if you simply pay the ticket that you are, in effect, pleading guilty and that you likely will receive points on your driving record, which may cause your insurance rates to go up and could possibly lead to your driver’s license being suspended for excessive points.


The Georgia legislature has enacted a “super speeder” law which could affect your driver’s license and your budget in a negative way. Under the new “super speeder” law, drivers who pay fines or who plead guilty to speeding at a rate higher that 14 miles per hour over the posted speed limit on interstate highways must pay two fines, one fine to the county in which they were charged, and another new fine to the State, or their drivers licenses will be suspended.


In many cases, you will not be required to appear in court, and will not have to take time off of work or school.

Our fees for representing clients in speeding cases and other traffic related cases depend upon the nature of the charge. As is standard practice and procedure, the client is responsible for any fines or costs imposed by the court. However, legal representation in a speeding case can be much more affordable than you think. There is no charge for calling our office and inquiring about our services and fees.

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